Fast Times In Bob’s World

“Though there have been many changes in the piano bar scene since I started doing this in 1980, one thing has been consistent; somewhere, someplace, Bob Solone is still singing and playing the piano. In the dictionary under the word “survivor,” there should be his publicity headshot. Forty-six years on the bench and, despite the virtual disappearance of traditional piano bars, he’s still going strong.“
Mick Archer

With Carmen Cavellaro

With Liberace

With Bob Hope

With Barbara Eden

Having Fun

At Gibsons

With Dick Bunn & Chuck Christiansen

Playing Piano


With Laura Kantor & Buddy Charles

With Rusty Jones & Mike Staron

At Maggiano’s

In Italy

With Waldo Ocaña & Mitch Straeffer

With Tony Zito

As Doug Henning

In his 20’s

In Acapulco

With Fred Burkhart

With Gwen Pippin

At large

With Buddy Charles & Audrey Morris

With Troy Niehart

With Ray Patterson

With Bill Demis