Bob Solone is the best piano-bar entertainer in his price range. Once introduced in New York City as “Bob Solone, a moderately well-known, mid-western piano player”, and praised by critics: “Solone has the salon, not saloon technique”, he has clawed his way up the ladder, from the Terminal Lounge in Logan Square, to the Zebra Lounge on State Parkway, oh yes, and up to Carnegie Recital Hall in New York City,

and back down to the few remaining piano-bars in downtown Chicago.

Currently holding forth every Wednesday from 6:30 to 9:30pm at Sayat Nova at Ohio St. and Michigan Ave., feeding his flock of piano-bar-loving minions, skillfully accompanying throngs of local singers, knocking `em dead with MacArthur Park and flourishing piano stylings of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s greatest hits.  Bob often feels like the “piano man” in Billy Joel’s song.


In 2003, Bob wrote the music for a Broadway-style musical, “Love in the Middle Ages”, about baby-boomers out on the dating scene (obviously a comedy).  And by 2008, he and lyricist Scott Urban, finally scraped together, with the help of friends and family, a very small budget for a five-week production of the play in Oak Park, Illinois.  It received mostly rave reviews!  Off to BROADWAY (and Belmont).

But alas, it was 2008, and investors on the verge of a larger Chicago production of “Love in the Middle Ages” backed out, leaving a perfectly delightful and currently relevant Musical Comedy sitting on the shelf. 

So, his big shot at a Broadway Musical career may be over, unless of course an “angel” appears to give new life to his musical.

But, a hard-working trooper to the end, "88 keys, 10 fingers, no problem", Bob will hopefully be holding forth at his piano bar until one day at a ripe old age, he keels over in the middle of “Phantom of the [freaking] Opera”.